F16 P4 Final Project

Architecture Part 1

bestArchitecture in the wild   5.0 1/50 100

I was looking to shoot architecture deteriorating in the landscape.  I thought this was a nice shot to show the human destruction that is occurring in the McKenzie River valley.

Reflections Part 2

bestReflections in the bird bath  9 0″6 100

I love the depth of the shadow in the reflection of the fern.

img_0544Wine barrels with trees   5.6 1/4 100

You can find reflections everywhere!img_0472Deerhorn Road waterfall motion shot   13 1″ 100

Although I was hunting for reflection shots in the bottom pool, I loved the water effect that I finally figured out how to shoot, using a guardrail to steady my hand!!!



In the Felix Lupa style….



Happy conversations on the beach.


1/6 f5.0 iso 100

On a lost road that Siri sent me on….The edginess of lost years left in the forest.



Beauty of the beach, the shortness of life.



Twilight at Lincoln city beach


img_0214 5.6 1/100 ISO100

img_02155.6 1/200 ISO100img_02165.6 1/400 ISO100

Our Bracketing exercise was to explore metering in exterior and interior shots.  My favorites were the “Winged Lady” shots.  Although she was in a hard to shoot spot…I filled the frame with her expression, trying to push the background into an atmospheric effect.

3x Awareness


The Red Leaf acts as a center of attention… diagonal branches create their own frames and direction within the composition.

A young Rofous-sided Towhee patiently posed for a few shots.  I love the vertical composition of this photo.
The Landscape position of the same shot.  Diagonal movement from lower right to upper left creates a dynamic composition.

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